Eran Gilat is a Scientist (Neurobiology and Imaging) and an avid Fine Art Photographer

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"Novel Revelations in Brain Research: the Viewer and the Visual Arts"

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Artes Magazine

"Danse and Macabre" Exhibition
Nikon 2013 Award for story telling category

Soon a new book under the auspices of Kehrer Verlag:
The book is available HERE

Niall O'Leary, Director of Millennium Images, London: "Eran Gilat's photography focuses primarily on portraiture and still life. He uses his extensive experience as a neuroscientist to inform his practise, and this crossover results in beautifully composed images that employ his exquisite observational qualities. We have always been avid fans of Eran's work and are thrilled that his project "Life Science" will be made available  through this crowd funding project. We can't wait to see the finished product".

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Center for Fine Art Photography
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# Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins

# From "Life Science" in FLESH AND BLOOD at the On The Seam Museum, Jerusalem, Feb 8

On The Seam Museum Invitation
Eran Gilat, Museum On The Seam
Nikon "Story Telling" Award, 2013


 # University of Cambridge, HUMAN FLOWS, Feb 7, 2013

Cambridge exhibition

Ce Demain Magazine:

      Eran Gilat, Life science

Group shows, 2012:
Lodz International Photo Festival, Grandprix short list

Arles Open Salon, Gallery Huit, Arles, France, From July 2, 2012

Philadelphia Photo Art Center, Philadelphia, From July 12, 2012

The Perfect Exposure Gallery, LA, from July 26, 2012

The Captown Photography Festival, MoP5, Sept 2012

The San Diego Art Institute, Balboa Park, Sept. 2012
Millenium Images Show, LONDON, First prize

The  Edward Hopper House, NY, Oct. 2012

The Athens Photography Festival, Oct. 2012

Eran Gilat, Athens Photography Fstival
Eran Gilat, Life Science Series

Next, 2013: Center for fine Art Photography, Follow:   www.c4fap.exhibitors/2012Portfolio6/




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Recent Awards:

Lens Culture International Exposure Honorary mention, 2011

Artists Wanted, Exposure 2011, Project finalist

Artists Wanted, Year in Review 2011, Project finalist



First Exposure of the "Life Science" Project:

Solo Exhibition under the auspices of  the New York Photography Festival (May 2011),

Introduced and Curated by Sam Barzilay, Director of the NY Photography Festival

Past Exhibitions of the study in Israel:

  •  "IN VIVO" and "EX VIVO" at the Herzliya Art Gallery, Israel, October 2011
  •  "Surgery Room", A group show at Hacheder Gallery, Tel-Aviv, January 2012


Eran Gilat,




 From the "Life science" series presented at the New York Photo Festival, May 2011:

All specimens are derived from meat markets or natural history museums

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Eran Gilat

Eran Gilat

"An Eye for an Ear" by Vanja Karas

Eran Gilat

The Center for Fine Art Photography, Portfolio 6

Eran Gilat

Portfolio 6, Exhibition

Life Science Exhibition

Korean PHOTO+ Magazine